Welcome CCP Alumni!

Thanks for your efforts throughout this course! It is inspirational how dedicated you all are to improving your clinical ability.

CCP Archived Videos

Here are the archived videos that vanished from your homework assignment list once you watched them. For your reference-

This page will provide information and updates for those who have taken the CCP course. In addition, some original course material is presented.

All Wednesday night classroom sessions will be recorded and archived. We will make every effort to have these available by the Friday following class.

COVID-19 Precautions- All classroom sessions will be available remotely through simulcast distance learning processes. Those attending in person will be expected to continually wear a mask, as well as comply with other requirements. Location and availability of classrooms may vary according to assessed COVID-19 transmission risk.

Precautions during the skill/simulation sessions will be appropriate to local risk assessment and will include small group modules and mandatory mask wearing plus other safeguards, as appropriate, to the contemporary risk. Skill/simulation dates and times may have to be altered or rescheduled in recognition of local contemporary risk assessments.

Precourse Lectures

Airway Pharmacology
Hemodynamic Pharmacology

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