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Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. 


Critical Care Provider is an educational concept conceived in 2009 by Lakes Region EMS, designed to elevate the quality of out-of-hospital patient care and transport medicine.  The concept grew to include many components of in-hospital medical education as well, and now strives to collaborate with multiple organizations to amplify the knowledge, expectations, and ownership of clinical care, both in-hospital and during transport.

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In January, 1957, doctors at the small community hospital in Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin, had before them one of their neighbors in cardiac arrest with a fibrillating heart. Surgeons had opened the chest and started direct cardiac massage. One of the team, Dr. Fred Riegel, had knowledge of the theory of defibrillation, but the small hospital hadn’t yet acquired the newly developed electrical defibrillator device. Not to be defeated, Dr. Riegel found an extension cord, cut off the socket and stripped the wires, wrapped them around two hypodermic needles, inserted both needles into the heart, and plugged the cord into a wall outlet. The procedure was successful. A regular heartbeat was restored and the patient walked out of the hospital three weeks later.

The innovation demonstrated by this case is significant in today’s medicine. While the process described is certainly not appropriate for the unversed hand, the patient that day was granted a second chance. Conceptual thinking, patient ownership, and the refusal to accept a dismal prognosis in the setting of clinical enlightenment, gave one person renewed life, and provided communal heart and hope as well.

Today, clinical innovation abounds; people are receiving second chances every day – hour by hour, minute by minute.  However, for the second chance philosophy to really succeed, everybody that touches a patient must take ownership of that patient — through conceptual thought, clinical acumen, and heart.

It is the goal of our education to elevate the value of passionate patient care, by moving knowledge, capability, and personal emotional investment, from the easy and regular, to the challenge of the hard and exceptional.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you learn.

Clinician Development

Everybody that touches a patient must take ownership of that patient- through conceptual thought, clinical acumen, and heart.

Courses and Lectures

We offer a wide variety of educational material, including The Critical Care Provider Course, a comprehensive course examining the critical thinking and skills required for advanced patient management.

  • Our course material, videos, and lectures, largely emphasize physiological principles, as we believe this gives the most reliable approach for managing the dying patient.
  • We have diverse instructors, all with abundant experience in managing critical patients.

Conceptual teaching
Our education focuses heavily on four conceptual areas in managing the critical care patient- airway management, ventilator management, hemodynamic management, and sedation management. This leads to a universal critical patient approach, enabling immediate action in managing the systems necessary to sustain life.

While the basic concepts of our education are fairly universal, there does exist differences in the opinions of physician expertise as to how these concepts are best approached.  Our education is not meant to promote a doctrine; instead, be adaptable in its form, constantly updating to current national and regional expert opinion. 

Student enrichment
Our education is meant to lay the groundwork for evolving the student’s curiosity about life saving processes and skills.  Complete critical patient management is not something that can be quickly formulated, but a culture can be emphasized and resources established for enabling continual independent study and clinician development.

Critical Care Provider Course

The Critical Care Provider Course is geared toward clinicians who currently work or desire to work in the area of critical care, in-hospital or out of hospital, ground or air transport, or practicing care providers who simply wish to increase their knowledge of the critically ill and injured patient. This course will provide preparation for advanced certification exams including Flight Paramedic (FP-C), Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C), Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN), and Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN). 

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Starting January 19th, 2022 Saturday Sessions are March 26th & April 30th, 2022


Lecture runs Wednesday nights from 6pm-10pm, with simulation days one Saturday per month from 8am-5pm


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Critical Care Provider